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USDC Savings Plan with APY up to 6.5%

Dedicated Service for Corporate Treasury and High Networth Individuals

Contact dedicated CSR now!

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Savings Plan APY


1 month


6 months


3 months


12 months

Simple Interest paid monthly, Principal returned at term maturity.

Plan Highlights

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One to One Service

A dedicated VIP manager will be assigned to assist the client throughout the lifecycle of the USDC savings plan.

Contact dedicated CSR now!

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Trusted Custodian

The custodian of digital assets is Circle Internet Financial Inc (Nasdaq: CND), while the fiat currency is custodied by Silvergate Bank (NYSE: SI) of the United States.

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Real time Monitoring

Digital assets are monitored real time by smart contracts to ensure the loan is protected by over-collateralized assets.

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Fee Schedule



0 Subscription Fee, 0 Management Fee and 0 Deposit Fee



0 Fee



USD: Standard Conversion Fee Applies

USDC: 0 Fee

* Service begins when the account is funded and ends with the liquidation instruction from client.

Risk Control Layers

Dual Risk Mangement

Third-party Custodian

Over Collateral


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Protection Layer 1: Strong Partners

We work with the most reputable platforms who lend to well-vetted, diversified customers and have strict credit eligibility, use of funds declarations and collateralization protocols.

Protection Layer 2: Fully Secured Collateral

All funds are overcollateralized with a value between 120% ~ 125% with digital asset collateral at origination.

Protection Layer 3: Third Party Custodian

The digital asset collateral is stored in a segregated account with a trusted third-party qualified digital asset custodianmonitoredusingsmartcontract. Margin calls are issued when the collateral falls below 110% of value to ensure collateral is always above value 24/7.

Protection Layer 4: Dual Risk Management

We have strict oversight and measure the overall liquidity pool to ensure everything stays within appropriate risk levels per the credit risk policy.

OTC Block Trade


Huge Volume up to

100,000,000 USD per tx

Large volume crypto OTC desk, built on top of global banking system. Buy and sell stablecoin, crypto, anywhere anytime with dedicated CSR and institutional routing. Best quote and instant execution guaranteed.

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Learn More about Digital Assets

 Talking about currency and digital economy 


       Chen Ping(陳平)——Chairman of Suntv

       Zhou Ziheng(周子衡)——PHD of Economics from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the chairman of Zhejiang Modern Digital Financial Technology Research Institute

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